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Thursday, May 1, 2008


You voted and it was a three-way tie. Mrs. Fellow broke the tie by choosing Jack and Ginger. I have mixed it, and am now letting the flavors meld. I'll report on the final product late tomorrow.

I updated the peanut butter ice cream recipe. The large quantity of peanut butter makes the ice cream very hard when it has been in the freezer for a couple of days. You must take it out and let it warm up a bit so it is softer before serving.

Speaking of the peanut butter ice cream, I had extra jam left over from the recipe. Mrs. Fellow asked me to bake a couple of pies for a birthday party at her work. I made two, 2.5 pound strawberry-rhubarb pies with walnut streusel. To accompany it, I whipped up a batch of strawberry ice cream and incorporated the remaining jam during the freezing process. It may seem like strawberry overload, but the pies were intentionally left less sweet. The combination of the pies' tartness with the sweet ice cream and the even sweeter jam was sensational.

I am still looking for local people who want to eat some free ice cream. If you live in the Atlanta area e-mail me at

Now for two recommendations:
If you have not checked out PastryGirl's blog, Dessert First, you really should. She has great recipes for all things sweet.

If you watch Top Chef on Bravo, then you are familiar with Chef Richard Blais. Mrs. Fellow and I have been big fans of his from the time of his first restaurant, the self-titled Blais. His new home is Home Restaurant and Bar which has been open for about a week and a half as of this writing. We missed him at the now defunct Element, which closed while he was recording Top Chef. The Fellow Family had moved out of state for a few years. Prior to last weekend it had been a while since we had enjoyed his food. It was great see how Chef Blais has matured. The main courses and appetizers were incredible. The crab cake that won him immunity on an early episode of Top Chef is on the menu and delicious. I have one criticism -- the desserts seem like an afterthought. I confess to really enjoying the sweet tea ice cream, but the pecan cake that accompanied it tasted like run-of-the-mill coffee cake. Still, I highly recommend checking it out if you are in Atlanta. You won't be disappointed.

Chef Blais, should you read my blog, I am available to consult on your desserts. Although I may seem like a simple ice cream man, I am actually an accomplished amateur baker too.

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