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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ice Cream T-shirts

Check out my new friend Matt over at RIPT - He makes a new t-shirt everyday. Today's shirt is an Eskimo trekking through and ice cream cone village.

Many of you know I am also an MBA student. From a business standpoint, Matt has a great idea for driving traffic to his site and for keeping his customers coming back. Not only through the ever-changing designs, but because of his strategy to reach out to bloggers like me who talk about subjects close to the shirt designs. This is innovation, and as you can tell from my recipes, this fellow loves it!

BTW, I read a couple of Matt's readers' comments. Some of his readers don't like the idea of grape ice cream. I know you rarely see it anywhere. I have been playing with a recipe for it lately. It works, but only when you have the right add-ins. I'll post something on this later. The recipe is super secret for the moment as I am a contestant in the Ice Cream Social again this year. Last year I finished second. This year, I am prepared to win so I can't disclose the recipe in advance.

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